The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have now prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Please note that this document is a working document, which will be subject to changes following the suggestions by South Cambridgeshire District Council, the instructed consultant in due course and ongoing consultation with residents. Please do check the updates section below as there will be ongoing changes to the draft working document.

There are currently three documents for the Neighbourhood Plan. A draft Neighbourhood Plan document containing policies, a draft Evidence Base document containing evidence in support for all areas of the plan and a Draft Environment & Heritgage Background Document containing additional information for this section of the plan. These are as follows:


Draft Neighbourhood Plan  (See below for updated sections)

1.5 Introduction and Poicy Context

10.2 Environment & Heritage updated see below. Please contact Jo Denny on the email address below for maps in support of this section.

9 What does this plan do section 9 updated see below.

10 Housing & Rural Development updated see below

10.3 Community Assets

11.4 Transport


Draft Evidence Base

Draft Environment & Heritage Background Document

Updated see below. New Notes section to summarise Background Document


E&H section maps

05.04.18 Map 1 Arable Fields Over 2ha.

05.04.18 Map 2 Nature Network

05.04.18 Map 3 Watercourses

05.04.18 Map 4 50 Heritage Sites

05.04.18 Map 5 Views

05.04.18 Map 6 Newts

Housing and Rural Development

Community Assets Map

Transport Map


14.3.2018 Housing Section 10 Policies

14.3.2018 Housing Section 10 Whittlesford Bridge

14.3.2018 Introduction and Policy Context Section 1.5 suggested replacement

9.1.2018 Transport Section 11.4

4.1.2018 Community Assets

10.12.17 E & H Section 10 Dec 07 red

5.12.17 E & H Plan Section 10 Dec 05 red

5.12.17 E & H Notes Dec 05

4.12.17 Section 9 What does this plan do and Section 10 Housing And Rural Developmentand 10 Updates

18.11.17 Environment & Heritge Section of Draft Neighbourhood Plan

18.11.17 Environment & Heritage Background Document

05.04.18 Environment & Heritage Update

05.04.18 Environment & Heritage Notes 

0.05.18 Housing & Rural Development Section update


Your views are very important to us. Please either let us have your comments on the draft documents on the contact page of this website or by emailing