Summer Roadshows

Before the plan is finalised and goes forward for approval via a parish referendum later this year, we need to make sure that as many residents as possible have the opportunity to talk to members of the Steering Group and suggest further changes or additions. To help with this, we are organising a parish roadshow, with drop-in sessions to be held over the early summer in a number of venues.

NEW! Additional Dates Now Confirmed:

Roadshow – The Red Lion – 16th August 6.30pm – 9pm

Roadshow – The Memorial Hall – 18th August 10.30am – 12.30pm

UPDATE! Whittlesford Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow – The Bees in the Wall, 25th July 2018 6.30pm-9.00pm

We held the first of our Neighbourhood Plan summer drop-ins at the Bees in the Wall because that is a pub that has been at the heart of Whittlesford for many years. The Neighbourhood Plan for Whittlesford offers us all the chance to have a say in the future of the village rather than just respond to future planning applications.
The small steering group have worked incredibly hard to produce a draft plan which we are informally consulting on over the summer before the more formal processes in the autumn. It’s isn’t just about housing and transport although those are very important – we also have a lot of work on the environment and sustainability, and heritage too.