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The group would like to thank Jo Denny for all her hard work on the Plan so far.



Consultant report

The consultant from Cambridgeshire ACRE has now provided a report of her advice on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and the Steering Group met with her as planned on the 9th February to discuss the advice provided. The report and subsequent meeting was very helpful and the Steering Group will now amend the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. The amended drafts will shortly be made available on the Neighbourhood Plan website. Please do visit the website for updates.


Once the amendments have been made to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, the Steering Group plan will consult with residents on the draft plan and the policies in it by holding drop-in consultation events at various locations around the village. Events will be fully advertised. Please do look out for information regarding the events. Your views are very important to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Once the Neighbourhood Plan is finalised, there are a number of stages the Plan has to go through before being put to a parish referendum. These include a Strategic Environment Assessment, various checks by the District Council and assessment by an independent examiner, which may well result in further changes being needed. Because we will have no control over the timescale for these activities, all we can say at this stage is that the referendum will be held sometime next year. However, it is probable that the draft Plan will carry some weight with Planners in the case of any controversial planning applications being made before it goes to referendum and is formally adopted.

Grant Application and Consultant

The grant application for funding of the consultant has now been processed and the consultant Cambridgeshire ACRE have been instructed. See LATEST NEWS above for further information.

Meeting with South Cambridgeshire District Council

The Steering Group met with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) on Monday 6th November 2017 to discuss the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Notes of the meeting can be found here.

The Steering Group were advised that the draft is on the right track, but they provided suggestions where areas could be improved. The facilitators have now reviewed their groups sections. The District Council further advised that this was the right time to instruct a planning expert to review the draft Neighbourhood Plan to ensure the document complies with the various planning guidance.

Draft Vision and Objectives

The deadline (15th June 2017) for residents to comment on the draft Vision statement and objectives has now passed. There were no comments made on the objectives . The preferred version of the Vision Statement to be used in the draft neighbourhood plan subject to any additional comments from South Cambridgeshire District Council is option 1 as follows:

Whittlesford Parish will remain an attractive and desirable place to live, meeting the housing needs of all ages with a community seeking to provide a good quality of life for all residents in a rural village environment.

It will be a thriving and sustainable community, supported by appropriate infrastructure, offering a range of employment opportunities and maintaining green areas that are a haven for wildlife.

Please click here for the full options for the vision statement and all the obectives.

Ongoing Consultation

As part of the ongoing consultation Peter Topping Councillor and chair of the Steering Group gave a presentation about the neighbourhood plan to year 5 at William Westley Primary recently. The pupils provided some very well thought out views on development in the village in the next 15 to 20 years.

Housing Survey Results

Cambridgeshire ACRE have now reported the results of the housing survey, which showed strong support for more affordable housing for people with a strong local connection. There is demand for approximately 40 affordable homes in Whittlesford at present, although finding suitable sites will not be easy. Please take a look at the full report in Documents Whittlesford-HNS-Report-2017-02-Public1 .

Business Survey

If you haven’t sent back your completed survey there is still time.  A thank you to those who have returned them.  The more responses we receive the broader result of the views of businesses will be obtained.  Please do complete and return them.  A further copy can be found in Documents.  Please return all completed surveys  via email to

The results to date can be viewed here.

Last Updated: 26th June 2017